How Many Workers Is It OK To Kill?

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Farms are dangerous places to work right? Animals are strong and unpredictable and machinery needs to be operated while vehicles are driven through rugged terrain. Incidents and accidents are just part of farm life.

But is it OK that our primary industries sector has the highest number of fatalities of any industry across Australia? 2015 has seen an increase nationally of workplace health and safety related prosecutions. According to Safe Work Australia (Traumatic Injury Fatalities database 2014), 25% of all workplace fatalities occurred in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry with machinery operators and drivers representing 32% of the total occupations.

HR Managers fined $7,000 for following instructions!

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As HR professionals, we are often instructed to do things that do not always align with our legislative responsibilities or company policies and procedures. Therefore is it a sound defence to say that we were instructed to something that is incorrect and were only following orders? The answer is NO!

In August 2015, the Federal Circuit Court fined a construction company $25,000 for taking adverse action against a worker (FCCA 2129). On top of that, the Court imposed $7,000 in penalties against two HR Managers who were carrying out orders and failed to “exercise their choice” to refuse to comply. The Judge was very clear that the HR Managers “had a choice of not implementing the decision, but failed to exercise that choice”, which in turn counteracted “the mitigating factor that they did not originate the contravening conduct”.

Horse trainer kicked by redundancy process!

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After almost three years of employment, the owner of a thoroughbred stud provided his horse trainer with a letter of redundancy, providing three weeks’ payment in lieu of notice, plus entitlements. It was explained that the redundancy was not a reflection on the trainer’s performance but due to organisational requirements.

What could possibly go wrong? Apparently lots! It was unfortunate that the dismissal came two days after the trainer had provided his employer with a WorkCover certificate recommending office duties and stating he was unable to handle horses. The trainer argued the dismissal was not a genuine redundancy as it was caused by his injury and that new employees now performed some of his former duties.

Play chicken with foreign workers and get fried!

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In May 2015, the ABC Four Corners program ran “Slaving Away: The dirty secrets behind Australia’s fresh food”, a report into the exploitation of workers. The investigation uncovered gangs of black market workers run by unscrupulous labour hire contractors operating on farms and in factories around the country, likened to “slave labour”.

It was horrifying to watch when so many businesses strive to do the right thing. One of the companies named was a poultry processor providing chickens to major buyers such as Coles, Woolworths, KFC, Aldi and others who have now been investigated by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). In a 33-page report the FWO re

$15,000 security ordered for “deceptive conduct“ of a public servant

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There is a strong disinclination for Judges to make orders requiring individuals to provide security for costs but in August 2015 a Federal Circuit Court Judge did just that (FCCA 2094). So what led to the Judge making such a decision?

Well the story goes like this. A former public servant had signed an agreement waiving any rights to further action against his former employer and received a voluntary redundancy payment of more than $22,000. We all know how that goes.

Don’t disturb – I’m busy catching up on current affairs!

Anyone who has worked with me knows that the word “busy” is a banned word, or as described to me recently “the real four letter word”. Why I hear you ask – because it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that doesn’t drive better business outcomes.

For years now we have heard that people are working harder and longer hours. Logic would suggest productivity would be increasing respectively otherwise we would all be working smarter and less hours.